Most Romantic Hotels in London

London is the capital of United Kingdom and also one of the most influential and a financial hub of European Commission (EU). The influence of London can be seen in various aspects like World War and Afghanistan War etc. London also holds the House of Parliament as well as the living place of the Queen of England. This city is also the place where the Prime Minister of UK resides, in 10 Downing Street, London. This city is famous for its high standard of living, scenic skyscrapers and amazing hotels for couples who are in dire need of a perfect honeymoon spot.

Taking a walk at the Romantic Trafalgar Square, watching the Shakespeare’s play at The Globe or taking a ride to the central London, all these activities add to the romantic beauty of England’s London. The city has a rich cultural history, art galleries and major things a couple can explore while on their stay in London. Below is the list of top hotels in London which we have come across after comparing and visiting over dozens of hotels to see which hotels have offers the best rooms, services and dining places, also the ambiance.

1 – Langham Hotel London

This hotel is situated in the North London, in the Marylebone area, which is famous for its very high standard of living and houses many elites and businessman of England. The hotel is top class with 400-rooms and has gorgeously large rooms and a separate suite for newlywed.

2 – The Milestone Hotel

This hotel is on the main road of Kensington Square and is very near from the Airport. The atmosphere is very cozy and so is the staff. It has top seven-star facilities for honeymooners like a spa, a jacuzzi and separate walk-in showers, which makes this hotel the most feasible for foreigners from all around the world.

3 – Sanderson London Hotel

Located in the Soho area of London, Sanderson hotel provides top class facilities with a cutting-edge design and interface of the interior. It has one of the best bathrooms and the bedrooms are so comfortable that you may sleep with your couple for hours and hours. Furthermore, this place is next to a busy shopping area and that is where you can shop lots of stuff on the way back to your country.

These 3 hotels are the top choice for any newlywed and recommended to visit.


Thanks to our friend and Chandler Realtor Tom Speaks at for help with this article. Tom has been selling real estate in the Phoenix AZ area since 2001 and is a traveler also. He has spent time in many of the places in this blog and was nice enough to help us with this article.