Finest Food in Arizona

  • Little Miss BBQ

    Not too spicy, crispy and fresh! Little Miss BBQ is the most visited restaurant for a casual dine-in with friends and family or to discuss business over lunch. They specialize in Middle Texan cuisine particularly BBQ- their brisket is thick with fat with a traditional sides. However, the Jalapeno Cheddar Grits are an awesome twist to the outdated dish and is absolutely delicious whereas, the pecan pie is worth dying for.

  • The Arrogant Butcher

An eatery worthwhile to stop at, they have an endearing patio which enhances the ambiance. The food is mouthwatering, kudos to the frequently desired beef short rib stew. Although they satisfy each and every dish on their menu, the pretzels along with peanut butter cups or fondue are its fortes.

Bobby Q

The former Bobby McGee is now back with a trendy name and an appetizing twist to the occasional BBQ. They always give a complementary cornbread before the main course and it’s delicious. The steaks and grill are tender and juicy to the core. Suffice to say that everything is buttery and cheesy!

The Melting Pot

A chic brasserie, a fine choice for a special evening planed for two. Got kids? Don’t bring them here. This elite place is pricey but worthy of your each penny. The Melting Pot has two exceptional ingredients that bring about taste and texture; cheese and chocolate and lots of it. The chocolate fondue would leave you begging for more until you can’t stomach it anymore.

  • Durant’s

With an archetypical red-velvet vibe and an array of seafood, traditional grill-house and labelled alcoholic beverages, Durant’s is the epitome of exclusive dining. Don’t forget to carry you big-boy wallets because this little heaven on earth is a coin magnet, but remarkable nonetheless.

  • Kai Restaurant

Level of happiness after a sweet visit to this high end restaurant is 11/10. There is an insane amount of hype about this place among the elites, their service is outstanding, their taste is unmatchable and don’t even start with the list of dishes in their menu. Save money and visit every few months- it’s exorbitant but extremely cherished. It’s a Michelin star eatery, it’s meant to be expensive.

  • Fuego Bistro

The little Italy in Arizona itself is known as the Fuego Bistro. They have a vibrant and lively atmosphere similar to the streets of Italy itself. The bistro engages in an appetizing Latin cuisine tacos, tamales, chimichurris, you name it! They devise an abundance of salsas you will have the fortune to taste. The best thing is that it’s unceremonious and quite affordable.

  • Pizzeria Bianco

Another smart replica of a native Latino pizza place, Pizzeria Bianco prepare some of the most delectable, lip-smacking Neapolitan pizzas in the district. They are served in identical small Italian china and oh, it has a wine bar. The price is okayish, conditional to what you order, luckily most of the menu is pleasing whether it be desserts or entrees or main course.

  • Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

    Experience New-Orleans style whole-hearted quantities of seafood at Pappadeaux. Their Mediterranean kitchen such as char-grilled salmon, crawfishes and gumbo served with dirty rice and palatable sherry sauce. Yum… every visit to this fine-smelling place is a farewell until next time because this is the only place that satisfies you seafood craving appropriately.

  • Cibo

Last but not the least Cibo. Cibo is another quaint, red-bricked building that serves Italian palates, pizza mostly. It crosses Pizzeria Bianco as the first choice for a hearty pizza serving with its own distinctly prepared fire-wood pizzas. The price is better and the food is top-notch, happy eating.