Chandler AZ – Hidden Travel Adventure Desert

Chandler Charm 

Even though Arizona is mostly desert it has much more to offer besides heat Cactus dust and rocks. The facts are much of this desert area near Phoenix has been transformed into beautiful living areas, and Chandler Arizona is one of the jewels to be found there. Chandler is located not far from the Phoenix Metro area and is to the southeast of Phoenix Sky Harbor. Just north of Chandler is Tempe Arizona home of Arizona State University. Chandler is located centrally and as a major technological hub famous for many things including Intel who has a major fabrication facility there.

Dining in SW Style

Chandler has much to offer including fine dining and shopping and the downtown area has some wonderful coffee shops, restaurants and bars. If you like Gourmet dining, you will find Exquisite meals in the downtown area on Highway 87. Much of downtown Chandler has been renovated and has been updated. This is great for visitors and travelers to Chandler as it makes for a wonderful tourist destination. Not far from downtown Chandler is the Chandler Center for the Arts. Many nationally-known acts will be found here, and you can easily find what’s on schedule on their website. The weather in Chandler is fantastic 8 months out of the year but is quite hot the other for months. So, if you’re planning a vacation there try to do it during the fall spring and winter months as your time will be much more pleasant.

Children and Chandler Get Along

As was mentioned earlier Chandler is family friendly with some wonderful hiking and bird habitats where you will find Spectacular hummingbirds. A wonderful day for the family can be found at the Railway Museum. They have wonderful historic shows with a lot of real action for the youngsters to enjoy. We know that all children especially the little boys like to see a shootout, and these are easily found at this facility. The Arizona Railway Museum is another great place for children and they will find many things to crawl around on there.

Chandler is a very family-friendly City with good schools abundant shopping, and it’s easy to get around whether you want to ride a bikeChandler AZ Vistas walk take a bus or drive. Finding good restaurants, especially a lot of Vietnamese food is very easy. Wonderful pho restaurants are readily available throughout the city and most of them have their own charm. So, if you’re planning a trip to the Southwest make sure to visit Chandler near Phoenix. There is a lot to see there including the yearly ostrich festival. No doubt your children will wonder at these very strange birds to be found in the Chandler area amidst this desert paradise.

Chandler Tourism is Alive and Well

Many local businesses thrive on the tourism and will cater to your every whim and wish. Getting around Chandler is very easy. A very good businessman who runs a great Chandler towing service has helped many people when their cars have broken down. His company is called Tow Chandler fittingly. So, don’t feel like it’s going to be any kind of a risk in the desert because you’re in good hands with the Abundant facilities in this wonderful City. It is very easy to get in and out of via Sky Harbor or Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport airports. And the local freeway System in Phoenix is top-notch so feel free to enjoy your time here and make sure to take many pictures to commemorate the time.