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Arizona Travel Information is the Go To Arizona travel guide. As the Vacation Coordinator it is also is your finest source to provide complete and also precise information on the countless taking in the sights attractions, tourist areas, hotels, resorts, RV parks, as well as leisure activities. This travel guide includes countless pages of travel, vacation, as well as recreation information to aid you plan your trip. Rapidly find your dream vacation, pastime as well as travel possibilities within Arizona. Our friends at say it is the best available.

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Social Journeys in Arizona – Points to See

The true Southwest awaits you in Yuma, Arizona. Come engage yourself in our bountiful culture as well as heritage, rooted in centuries of history. Soak in our blue skies and sun that radiates 310 days a year-perfect for outdoor activities. Inhale the desert air and youll understand why Yuma, AZ is a destination like no other.

Many thanks to a combination of huge stretches of excellent wild as well as busy town hall, youll find absolutely no scarcity of places to visit in Arizona while on a family-friendly vacation. City-centered attractions collection in and around Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Flagstaff, Sedona, and Chandler, with the surrounding suburbs supplying great deals of selections for accommodations, eating, and night activities. Naturally, much of Arizonas appeal rely on the beauty of its natural marvels, and no Arizona itinerary would certainly be complete without a visit to Grand Canyon National Park and its litany of astounding spots. Monument Valley, partially over the border in Utah, likewise sticks out as an exceptional stop. The small towns of Page as well as Cottonwood provide great access to a multitude of outdoor attractions, functioning as trustworthy jumping-off points into the great expanses of the states central region. Tombstone, with every one of its Wild West charm and also activity, can maintain the kids astounded for days on end– whether strolling its fun-filled roads or experiencing a reenacted cowboy face-off.


The Arizona National Scenic Trail is a long-distance hiking trail that travels through 800 miles down the center of the state from Mexico to Utah. It offers great weekend and also longer backpacking trips through mountains, canyons and also desert landscapes. Of the 15 National Monuments in Arizona, there are 3 amazing sites just east of the Grand Canyon and also North of Sedona that we very encourage. Walnut Canyon National Monument offers extraordinary hiking paths. While Wupatki National Monument and also Canyon de Chelly National Monument, which is the farthest east of the three, additionally offer abundant history as well as awesome surroundings. You should try to plan in advance as a few of the national monoliths in Arizona can only be explored with a personal guide. T.

The Arizona side of Lake Powell is a great spot for outdoor adventure seekers. The famous “Horseshoe Bend” in the Colorado River is just south of Lake Powell as well as the incredibly picturesque, Antelope Canyon, which can only be visited with a Navajo guide.

Finally, Havasu Falls is amongst the most wonderful and also vibrant put on earth, with it’s deep turquoise falls, warm swimming openings, and high red cliffs. Located simply west of Grand Canyon National Park, Havasu Falls need to be on the top of everyone’s journey bucketlist. Take a look at our thorough Havasu Falls camping helped below.

When to visit Arizona

In the heart of the American Southwest, Arizona is filled with natural wonders, vibrant cities, and charming small towns. The Grand Canyon draws tourists from around the globe, but those who venture deeper into the state will find all kinds of unique places and interesting sites.

While cities and also towns like Phoenix as well as Sedona make great vacation places, you can head beyond the city centers to discover Native American cliff homes and residues of ancient societies, historic ghost towns from the mining days, and a landscape perfect for outdoor journeys.

Arizona is home to desert, lakes, mountains, slot canyons, saguaro cactus, buttes, waterfalls, and also even a volcano with downhill skiing, every one of which offer a world of opportunities for travelers.

What is the most beautiful part of Arizona?

If we in fact had a coffee table, Strange Arizona is a big, thick book that would certainly be sitting on it. Instead, its embeded a chairside rack for easy access below in our Flagstaff, Arizona, home. Its a book we define commonly for interesting and rather various locations to explore, along with more information about acquainted yet instead strange or famous areas in our own backyard.

Here, Id like to take you to a few of the unique sites highlighted in the book. If you stay in or ever concerned Arizona for a visit as well as enjoy taking a look at unusual places and also discovering some of the lesser-known truths concerning others that, on the surface area, could not look so unusual, I recommend skimming all the web pages for some great suggestions and also fun, sometimes freaky stories, the majority of which are actually true.

Chandler AZ – Hidden Travel Adventure Desert

Chandler Charm 

Even though Arizona is mostly desert it has much more to offer besides heat Cactus dust and rocks. The facts are much of this desert area near Phoenix has been transformed into beautiful living areas, and Chandler Arizona is one of the jewels to be found there. Chandler is located not far from the Phoenix Metro area and is to the southeast of Phoenix Sky Harbor. Just north of Chandler is Tempe Arizona home of Arizona State University. Chandler is located centrally and as a major technological hub famous for many things including Intel who has a major fabrication facility there.

Dining in SW Style

Chandler has much to offer including fine dining and shopping and the downtown area has some wonderful coffee shops, restaurants and bars. If you like Gourmet dining, you will find Exquisite meals in the downtown area on Highway 87. Much of downtown Chandler has been renovated and has been updated. This is great for visitors and travelers to Chandler as it makes for a wonderful tourist destination. Not far from downtown Chandler is the Chandler Center for the Arts. Many nationally-known acts will be found here, and you can easily find what’s on schedule on their website. The weather in Chandler is fantastic 8 months out of the year but is quite hot the other for months. So, if you’re planning a vacation there try to do it during the fall spring and winter months as your time will be much more pleasant.

Children and Chandler Get Along

As was mentioned earlier Chandler is family friendly with some wonderful hiking and bird habitats where you will find Spectacular hummingbirds. A wonderful day for the family can be found at the Railway Museum. They have wonderful historic shows with a lot of real action for the youngsters to enjoy. We know that all children especially the little boys like to see a shootout, and these are easily found at this facility. The Arizona Railway Museum is another great place for children and they will find many things to crawl around on there.

Chandler is a very family-friendly City with good schools abundant shopping, and it’s easy to get around whether you want to ride a bikeChandler AZ Vistas walk take a bus or drive. Finding good restaurants, especially a lot of Vietnamese food is very easy. Wonderful pho restaurants are readily available throughout the city and most of them have their own charm. So, if you’re planning a trip to the Southwest make sure to visit Chandler near Phoenix. There is a lot to see there including the yearly ostrich festival. No doubt your children will wonder at these very strange birds to be found in the Chandler area amidst this desert paradise.

Chandler Tourism is Alive and Well

Many local businesses thrive on the tourism and will cater to your every whim and wish. Getting around Chandler is very easy. A very good businessman who runs a great Chandler towing service has helped many people when their cars have broken down. His company is called Tow Chandler fittingly. So, don’t feel like it’s going to be any kind of a risk in the desert because you’re in good hands with the Abundant facilities in this wonderful City. It is very easy to get in and out of via Sky Harbor or Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport airports. And the local freeway System in Phoenix is top-notch so feel free to enjoy your time here and make sure to take many pictures to commemorate the time.

Most Romantic Hotels in London

London is the capital of United Kingdom and also one of the most influential and a financial hub of European Commission (EU). The influence of London can be seen in various aspects like World War and Afghanistan War etc. London also holds the House of Parliament as well as the living place of the Queen of England. This city is also the place where the Prime Minister of UK resides, in 10 Downing Street, London. This city is famous for its high standard of living, scenic skyscrapers and amazing hotels for couples who are in dire need of a perfect honeymoon spot.

Taking a walk at the Romantic Trafalgar Square, watching the Shakespeare’s play at The Globe or taking a ride to the central London, all these activities add to the romantic beauty of England’s London. The city has a rich cultural history, art galleries and major things a couple can explore while on their stay in London. Below is the list of top hotels in London which we have come across after comparing and visiting over dozens of hotels to see which hotels have offers the best rooms, services and dining places, also the ambiance.

1 – Langham Hotel London

This hotel is situated in the North London, in the Marylebone area, which is famous for its very high standard of living and houses many elites and businessman of England. The hotel is top class with 400-rooms and has gorgeously large rooms and a separate suite for newlywed.

2 – The Milestone Hotel

This hotel is on the main road of Kensington Square and is very near from the Airport. The atmosphere is very cozy and so is the staff. It has top seven-star facilities for honeymooners like a spa, a jacuzzi and separate walk-in showers, which makes this hotel the most feasible for foreigners from all around the world.

3 – Sanderson London Hotel

Located in the Soho area of London, Sanderson hotel provides top class facilities with a cutting-edge design and interface of the interior. It has one of the best bathrooms and the bedrooms are so comfortable that you may sleep with your couple for hours and hours. Furthermore, this place is next to a busy shopping area and that is where you can shop lots of stuff on the way back to your country.

These 3 hotels are the top choice for any newlywed and recommended to visit.


Thanks to our friend and Chandler Realtor Tom Speaks at for help with this article. Tom has been selling real estate in the Phoenix AZ area since 2001 and is a traveler also. He has spent time in many of the places in this blog and was nice enough to help us with this article.


Why is the Miami Beach So Famous?

Miami Beach is the number one coastal urban destination city of Florida. It lays on the southern east edge with much of the Cuban, Bahamas and Dominican influence. It’s the Latin-American paradise with a blend of a la mode culture, you have never been to a place like this. There are countless reasons to love this city which is thick with white sand beaches that hosts every sea shore activity that can bear to imagine.

The beaches are absolutely lovely, they stay warm all around the year and only a handful coasts throughout the world can compete against the blissful beaches of Miami. Everything that normal people do in their backyards, the Miami population does it by the sea. BBQs, loud-stereo music parties that go on all night, one hundred and more kinds of cocktails, surfing, skating and rollerblading is only to name a few endeavors.

The Miami Beach is beloved for its Art Deco Architecture, strolling on Miami streets you will encounter a caste stretch of condos in pastel colors such as white, yellow, green, blue etc. As you see that Miami targets the money making force you will sight all kinds of extravagant eye-candy everywhere you go. Some of the most unique and striking models of luxury cars will pass you by and an otherworldly feeling will enter your skin. The pubs, clubs and bars are entertain people from dusk to dawn, the days are for tanning in the beaches or opulent trips to the spa while the nightlife is all about party. You will encounter the largest LGBT community in all of America in Miami.

There are literally no eye-filters there, people are so comfortable going about streets like half naked hippies after sometime there you get used to it. The journey back home won’t be easy when all of a sudden from ogling tan figures night and day you switch to fully clothed, your eyes may search for skin. The funny thing is that it’s not only lean, lithe figures that you will come across, some of the most obese people may be wandering around in less than bikinis, so don’t forget to cover your eyes!

Although Miami is expensive, cheap alternates are always available. Flying in to Miami is quite cheap, so that won’t cost a lot and if you search properly some of the best hotels packages can be obtained in deals and discounts. Miami is amalgamation of other activities besides the ones that include the seaside. It offers entertainment for all types and ages such as the Miami Children’s Museum, the Bass that vaunts antique art that can be traced back to the Renaissance and the Holocaust Memorial.

Finest Food in Arizona

  • Little Miss BBQ

    Not too spicy, crispy and fresh! Little Miss BBQ is the most visited restaurant for a casual dine-in with friends and family or to discuss business over lunch. They specialize in Middle Texan cuisine particularly BBQ- their brisket is thick with fat with a traditional sides. However, the Jalapeno Cheddar Grits are an awesome twist to the outdated dish and is absolutely delicious whereas, the pecan pie is worth dying for.

  • The Arrogant Butcher

An eatery worthwhile to stop at, they have an endearing patio which enhances the ambiance. The food is mouthwatering, kudos to the frequently desired beef short rib stew. Although they satisfy each and every dish on their menu, the pretzels along with peanut butter cups or fondue are its fortes.

Bobby Q

The former Bobby McGee is now back with a trendy name and an appetizing twist to the occasional BBQ. They always give a complementary cornbread before the main course and it’s delicious. The steaks and grill are tender and juicy to the core. Suffice to say that everything is buttery and cheesy!

The Melting Pot

A chic brasserie, a fine choice for a special evening planed for two. Got kids? Don’t bring them here. This elite place is pricey but worthy of your each penny. The Melting Pot has two exceptional ingredients that bring about taste and texture; cheese and chocolate and lots of it. The chocolate fondue would leave you begging for more until you can’t stomach it anymore.

  • Durant’s

With an archetypical red-velvet vibe and an array of seafood, traditional grill-house and labelled alcoholic beverages, Durant’s is the epitome of exclusive dining. Don’t forget to carry you big-boy wallets because this little heaven on earth is a coin magnet, but remarkable nonetheless.

  • Kai Restaurant

Level of happiness after a sweet visit to this high end restaurant is 11/10. There is an insane amount of hype about this place among the elites, their service is outstanding, their taste is unmatchable and don’t even start with the list of dishes in their menu. Save money and visit every few months- it’s exorbitant but extremely cherished. It’s a Michelin star eatery, it’s meant to be expensive.

  • Fuego Bistro

The little Italy in Arizona itself is known as the Fuego Bistro. They have a vibrant and lively atmosphere similar to the streets of Italy itself. The bistro engages in an appetizing Latin cuisine tacos, tamales, chimichurris, you name it! They devise an abundance of salsas you will have the fortune to taste. The best thing is that it’s unceremonious and quite affordable.

  • Pizzeria Bianco

Another smart replica of a native Latino pizza place, Pizzeria Bianco prepare some of the most delectable, lip-smacking Neapolitan pizzas in the district. They are served in identical small Italian china and oh, it has a wine bar. The price is okayish, conditional to what you order, luckily most of the menu is pleasing whether it be desserts or entrees or main course.

  • Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

    Experience New-Orleans style whole-hearted quantities of seafood at Pappadeaux. Their Mediterranean kitchen such as char-grilled salmon, crawfishes and gumbo served with dirty rice and palatable sherry sauce. Yum… every visit to this fine-smelling place is a farewell until next time because this is the only place that satisfies you seafood craving appropriately.

  • Cibo

Last but not the least Cibo. Cibo is another quaint, red-bricked building that serves Italian palates, pizza mostly. It crosses Pizzeria Bianco as the first choice for a hearty pizza serving with its own distinctly prepared fire-wood pizzas. The price is better and the food is top-notch, happy eating.


Top Places to Visit in Canada

Toronto is considered Canada’s melting pot. It is said that half of the people living in Toronto were born outside of the country, so that means lots of different languages, sights and flavors, which make the city a really fun place to explore. With only a few days in Toronto, we set out to visit a mix of neighborhoods, top attractions, and of course, we also made time to sample plenty of food. The following travel guide will showcase 25 things to do in Toronto, so if you’re planning a trip here or you need some travel inspiration, be sure to stick around as we take you on a city tour.

Centre Island

Not many visitors know this about Toronto, but just a short ferry ride from the city you have a chain of islands that offer some of the best views in the whole city. The largest and most visited of them all is Centre Island and it’s a great place to be during the summer months. It is a real nice quite green escape form the hustle and bustle of the downtown. Yeah, it is super relaxed. You can enjoy watching like little baby ducks and swans. Super cute! And this is where you get the most iconic views of the city. Like those postcard perfect views. So, you may have never seen this vantage point in life and you will definitely love up here.

CN Tower

Next place up is the CN Tower and you have to show up 30 minutes earlier as the waiting line is longer, and no one is willing enough to wait for two hours in long queues. The CN Tower was once the world’s tallest free-standing structure and the world’s tallest tower for more than 3 decades. It can be a bit unnerving if you’re not a big fan of heights, especially once you reach the glass floor, but it’s one of those iconic attractions that you can’t miss. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even do the Edge Walk which takes you on a hands free walk around the roof of the main pod.

Ripley’s Aquarium

Ripley’s Aquarium is one of Toronto’s newest attractions and it draws big crowds. The aquarium is home to 450 species, but our favorite part was The Dangerous Lagoon, which is an underwater tunnel where you can see sharks, stingrays and sea turtles swimming above your head. The aquarium is located right next to the CN Tower, so you could easily to both on the same day. If you luck out with a nice day, we’d recommend going for a walk along the Harbor front. You can often find live music and various events and exhibitions taking place, plus it’s a really nice area to enjoy a stroll.

Baseball’s Hall of Fame

Formerly known as the Sky Dome, this stadium is home to the Toronto Blue Jays. Baseball fans can take tours or catch a game during the season. The ever growing collection is getting a little higher with this latest Toronto Blue Jays hat. And the Toronto Blue Jays are Canada’s only team in Major League Baseball and they’re a pretty awesome team. They’ve won two World Series both in the 90’s.

The Best Caribbean Cruise Line and Route

There are a number of cruises offering their services to make your holiday special. Everyone claims that it is the best Caribbean cruise and in fact each of them is best in at least one quality so all of them are best Caribbean cruises to some extent but the point you should look upon to make your holidays special and unforgettable is that you must plan your cruise yourself and look upon every single aspect.

You must choose the best Caribbean cruise that provides you with better rooms and packages because they offer much more than any Caribbean resort. You go around the sea with your loved one and enjoy the special moments of your life without any single hitch by just having a better plan.

First of all, you must decide your Caribbean cruise earlier than vacation this gives you a chance to select the best Caribbean cruise. And then you must check its cruise line and route. Let us have a look on Caribbean cruises.

Now let us have a look at the best cruise line and the big names are Royal Caribbean, Princess, Norwegian and it makes a sense to look at these three first before selecting any other cruise. They have made their names because of their reliability and services. They provide their guests with the best and this made them the best Caribbean cruises.  However if you are planning a long trip you must choose the Royal Caribbean as it offers the best services. After Royal Caribbean you must go for Norwegian as it is a bit cheaper than the Royal Caribbean and is also one of the best Caribbean cruises. But if you are late and did not get chance to book on these cruises you can also go for Princess as it is also a best Caribbean cruise.

Cruise ship vacations are basically thought to be small as it is expensive. You have to spend a lot of money on your cruise ship vacation and so it is preferred to go for a smaller period. So, are you really fond of vegetarian foods? Here is a great offer for you. This is a two in one offer, where you can get extreme fun by the water side and your favorite vegetarian meals too. Alaskan cruises with vegetarian meals are attracting vegetarians day by day. Vegetarian meals in Alaska cruise can be great. These vegetarian meals are made up of plants products.

The best routes are also important to decide to make your trip the best. Caribbean is basically divided into Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern parts. Mostly cruises explore one or two parts of the Caribbean in a single trip. But it does not matters as the best Caribbean cruise lets you enjoy your time even if you go to a single point. Many cruises offer packages to single regions such as Bermuda or Bahamas. But if you want to choose the best rout you must go for the Eastern and Southern regions as they are the most beautiful and you get a chance to see the natural beauty of Caribbean. The best Caribbean cruise offers you a better plan than any other cruise and you must have a look at all cruises to choose the best Caribbean cruise.